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Travel Q&A
(information taken from bonaireisland.com)

What do I need to know before visiting Bonaire?

Bonaire is one of three Dutch Caribbean islands, along with the better known Aruba and Curacao, lying approximately 80km off the coast of Venezuela in the Leeward Antilles. The island is comprised of a wide range of complex natural habitats, from reefs and beaches to deserts and rainforests, all available to explore. Aside from Papiamentu, the island’s native language, English, Spanish and Dutch are also spoken on Bonaire.

What is the weather like in Bonaire?

Lying outside of “Hurricane Alley” to the south, Bonaire offers a consistently warm and sunny climate, averaging around 30ºC year round. During the rainy season from December through March, you can expect a daily downpour, but they usually don’t last long and the sun almost always reappears afterward.

What is there to do on Bonaire?

As a Caribbean island, Bonaire offers a wide range of choices of things to do, including outdoor activities such as swimming, diving, hiking, kayaking, biking, and more as well as shopping and dining.

What is the currency accepted in Bonaire?

Bonaire’s currency is the US Dollar.

Are there any traffic rules I should know upfront?

A valid driving license is needed to drive on the island. People drive on the right-hand side, and on crossings and roundabouts, traffic coming from the right always has the right-of-way, unless road signs state otherwise. Bonaire has no traffic lights, so road signs must be followed.

What time zone is Bonaire in?

Bonaire is on Atlantic Standard Time (AST), one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

What are Bonaire's Passport and Visa requirements?

You need a valid passport from your home country, and it must remain valid throughout your stay. Visitors of most countries do not need a visa to enter Bonaire, but some do. See a list of countries that do require a visa, here.

How do I get to Bonaire?

You can reach our island paradise by air or cruise ship from Latin America, North America, Europe or right here in the Caribbean. We recommend visiting this page for accurate flying and cruise ship information.

For further information about Captain Don's Habitat Bonaire please visit our F.A.Q. Section

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