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Diving Education

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Certification Courses

All rates are inclusive of service charge and applicable taxes.

Reach out to us!




* Requires Student to read a book on Property, No Refunds if a student fails a completion

** Student must Register at www.padi.com, Pay PADI $190 for E-learn.

Use PADI store 1270 Habitat for Registration.

*** E-mail roger@habitatabonaire.com for E-code or obtain from a travel agent

No Refunds on any E-learning

**** OW Referral must have completed all Confined Water Training and Academics

Specialty Courses


The advantage of SDI On-Line Courses is that you do not have to spend valuable vacation/holiday time in the classroom.  To obtain your E-learning code contact roger@habitatbonaire.com or book with your preferred wholesaler or travel agent. Do not pay online, this in order to be able to receive the Unl. Nitrox use special and $ 60 saving.

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