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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s your first trip to Bonaire or your 30th trip…it seems there are always last-minute questions that arise either just prior to starting your trip or while planning it. We have prepared a list of commonly asked questions and hope that this information will assist you in either making your decision to visit Captain Don’s Habitat or in planning your visit. If your question is still not answered here, please feel free to e-mail us at any time. You can find all the pertinent e-mail addresses on our Contacts Page.

  • Does Captain Don's have a nitrox analyzer?

Yes, we do!

  • Does Captain Don’s Habitat offer guided shore dives ?

No, we do not.

  • Can you purchase your Marine Park Tag online?

Yes, since June 2019 it is possible to purchase your Marine Tag online. Purchase here.

It’s mandatory to print and bring your proof of purchase of your STINAPA Nature Fee and present it to our dive shop.

We are not allowed to issue weights and gear without the payment proof. You need this proof of payment also to enter the National Park.

If you forgot to purchase your online tag, you can still purchase your online tag by using our computer in the lobby.

If you fail to bring your proof of payment, you can look up the email you received from STINAPA after purchasing the online tag. You should have gotten an email from noreply@bonairenaturefee.org, you can look in your spam box in case it is not found. If you still cannot find it please send an email to info@stinapa.org and they will resend your ticket.

If you still can not provide a proof of payment, a $5 administrative fee for retrieving that info from Stinapa will apply.

  • How can get a hold of Captain Don’s Habitat front desk if I have for example missed my flight, have a flight delay or my flight is canceled?

To make traveling easier for our guest we have set up a new email address that comes in directly into the front desk PC. This email address is dedicated for traveling guest that want to communicate about delays, missing flights, canceled flights etc.

This new service is to improve our guest services even much more.

Our emergency traveling guest email will be frontdesk@habitatbonaire.com.

  • Can I charge my bar and restaurant bill to the room?

It is possible to charge your food and drinks to a bar account, but you have to open up a separate account at the restaurant. Just go there with your credit card and fill in the papers, and pay everything at the end of your stay in the restaurant. Of course, you can pay any way you like, credit card, debit card or cash.

  • I’ve already booked…is there any way I can receive the Dive Liability Release and Hotel Registration Form in advance so as to minimize the time it takes to get checked in when I arrive?

Yes, we have both our Dive Liability Release and Hotel Registration Form available as downloadable PDF Files. Click here for your guest registration card and Click here for your dive liability Print and fill in the forms and bring with you and present them to our Front Desk staff when you arrive at the property, then all they have to do is swipe your credit card for incidental charges, give you your room key and you're off to your room. No standing at the counter filling out forms after a long day or night of travel.

  • I don’t dive and all I’ve heard is that Captain Don’s Habitat is for divers…should I choose another resort?

While it is true that Captain Don’s Habitat was built and is operated by divers for divers, nothing could be further from the truth. Approximately 45% of our guests are non-divers and many of them repeat guests…with our world-class restaurant, The Spa, beautiful view of Klein Bonaire and Bonaire’s unbelievable sunsets, our freshwater pool overlooking the sparkling Caribbean Sea, one of the best house reefs on the island for snorkeling…many non-divers have come to enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty that Bonaire has to offer while enjoying the services, surroundings, and ambiance of Captain Don’s Habitat.

  • My spouse or traveling partner does not dive, will he/she be bored?

As the old saying goes, “To each his/her own”, applies in this case. The island has numerous activities other than diving to offer. Island Tours, kayaking in the mangroves, ocean kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, bird watching, shopping, mountain biking, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, a tour of Washington-Slagbaai National Park and Museum are just a few of the other activities to be enjoyed on the island and to fill their days. They can also just relax with that book they’ve been wanting to read but never had the time while lying around our freshwater pool or indulge themselves in the services of The Spa at Captain Don’s Habitat located on-site in the Dive Center building. Non-divers are also welcome to sign up on our dive boat trips($10/person/trip) and enjoy the great snorkeling we have at virtually all the dive sites our boats travel to or simply go along for the boat ride and watch the bubbles and enjoy the scenery.

  • What is Captain Don’s Habitat policy on flying after diving?

Captain Don’s Habitat policy is the same as the Island Policy…we recommend a minimum 24-hour surface interval prior to flying and mandate a minimum 12-hour surface interval. However, at no time will you be allowed to dive on the same calendar day that you fly.

  • I’m on a 2 boat dive a day package…am I limited to only 2 boat dives in a single day?

No, Captain Don’s Habitat offers you the flexibility to do as many boat dives as you wish (based on scheduled boat dives) on any day. We do not limit you to a specific number of dives per day rather we look at the total number of boat dives available to you in your package. At the end of your stay, we will total up the boat dives that you performed and then if you went over the total number in your package, an additional fee of $42.50/boat dive/per person plus service charge and tax will be added to your final bill.

  • Can I dive on the same day that I arrive?

Unfortunately, there is a mandatory rule imposed by STINAPA that we must comply. All guests must participate in an orientation meeting each day at 09:00 AM, in addition to a Warm Up Dive Orientation for equipment checks and procedures. Therefore, we cannot allow guests to dive without first being part of these compulsory orientation.

  • Do you have Internet service in the rooms?

We do offer wireless internet service. The wireless service coverage area includes the majority of the resort.

  • I’ve been to Bonaire several times…do I have to go to the dive orientation again?

Yes, unless you can show proof that you have attended a dive orientation within the current calendar year. Dive Orientation is mandatory in accordance with Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) regulations and is held daily at 9:00 a.m. One of our dive instructors will explain in detail the rules and safety procedures to allow you to dive safely around the reefs of Bonaire. After the orientation, a Warm-Up Dive is also required by the BNMP on our famous House Reef “La Machaca” for equipment checks, buoyancy control, and establishing your comfort level. This Warm-Up Dive is required prior to conducting any further diving activities on Bonaire, including boat dives. This dive is chargeable if not included in your Dive Package. If in doubt, please contact our Dive Manager before you make any dives.

  • Are our valuables safe in our rental car when we go shore diving?

See “Are our valuables safe in our room?” for more information.

  • Are our valuables safe in our room?

Theft is very rare but does happen. We provide safety deposit boxes, which are located in your room for a small fee of $6.00 for the duration of your stay. Do not leave Dive gear and/ or equipment outside on the patios at night or when leaving the room and be sure to leave patio lights on if you are out. Always keep your safe key with you and remember to lock your doors and windows when you leave or when you are sleeping. Captain Don’s Habitat is not responsible for any lost or stolen property if you leave your door or windows open. By leaving your doors and windows unlocked you are inviting theft. Your key is on a brightly marked wrist lanyard, wear this on your wrist when you are diving or snorkeling in remote locations, and do not leave it in your rental car. Leave all your valuables in your room safe and never in your car. Some car rental agencies advise you to leave a window open but check with the agency you rent with to ascertain what their specific policy is in regards to this. Report suspicious behavior to the reception or one of the Managers. Just remember to apply the same safety rules as you would do at home and you will have a safe trip.

  • Do you have strong currents on the dive sites?

When we do have currents, they are usually very mild and are always a longshore current (running parallel to the shoreline). The average current you might encounter on a given dive site will be anywhere from no current to approximately .25-.50 knot…very mild and easy to swim against, especially with fins on. The strongest current we can ever remember encountering was maybe a 1-1.5 knot current but that is extremely rare. However, it is always recommended to check the current when you first begin your dive or snorkel and always begin your dive against the current so that the last half of your dive will be with the current and you can just float back to your exit point. Just look at the soft corals and they’ll tell you which direction the current, if any, is flowing.

  • Is the tap water safe to drink?

Bonaire is very fortunate in that we have some of the Caribbean’s cleanest and best-tasting water and a virtually inexhaustible source…the Caribbean Sea. Our water is desalinated seawater produced by our combined Electrical and Water Utility W.E.B.. Why we’ve even had guests take bottles of it home it tastes so good! Both our Boutique and Rum Runners Restaurant have suspended the sale of commercially bottled water to aid in the reduction of plastic debris in Bonaire’s landfill.

  • Will it be safe to plug in my laptop computer in my room?

See the answer above, plus you might want to bring a surge protector as our electrical utility sometimes gives us a baker’s dozen in voltage.

  • What is the electrical current on Bonaire and do we need converters or transformers for electrical appliances such as hairdryers and/or battery chargers?

The electrical current on Bonaire is112-127V/50Hz. The problem with many small electrical appliances, especially those manufactured in the U.S. is that they are rated for 110V/60Hz and the 60Hz is the part that really causes some problems with these appliances as our slower cycle tends to cause these appliances to overheat. Since the cycle can only be changed at the source, transformers will not help in this area as they can only adjust the voltage. With the world becoming a much smaller place, travel-wise, most manufacturers have realized this and are now manufacturing appliances such as hairdryers, travel irons, chargers for laptops, etc. that are dual voltage/cycle rated, i.e. 110-220V/50-60Hz. Simply look at the manufacturer’s information on the appliance you wish to bring (usually on the plug end or transformer of the appliance) and check to see if it is dual voltage/cycle rated…if so, you will not have any problems using that appliance on our electrical current. By the way, the electrical plug-ins in our rooms are standard U.S. two-prong flat receptacles, so if the appliance/charger you are bringing has a grounded plug (3-prong), you might want to bring a 3 prong adapter so you won’t have to break off the grounding prong on your appliance’s plug. These are very inexpensive and you can find one at your local hardware or electrical store.

  • What is the currency used on Bonaire?

As of January 1, 2011, the official currency of Bonaire is the U.S. Dollar. To avoid walking around with cash, you can charge Dive Shop, Boutique, telephone calls, etc. charges to your charge number and settle this at the end of your stay. For Bar and Restaurant charges you will need to set up a separate account with Rum Runners upon your arrival. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, US Dollars, Traveler’s Checks, and Euros are accepted at the reception and Rum Runners for account payments only. Exchange of Traveler’s Checks and Euros into US Dollars may only be done at one of our local banks. The Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (Hato Branch) is within walking distance from the Hotel.

  • Do we carry 100qft tanks?

No, we don’t, we only carry 63 QFT and 80 QFT.

  • Do I need a padlock for my dive locker?

Yes, each diver should bring their own padlock for the locker.

These are also available at the gift shop.

  • Do our cylinders accept Din Regulators?

People with DIN regulators are advised to bring their own adapters just to make sure they can hook up.

  • Does Captain Don's Habitat accommodate service animals and emotional support animals?

We, unfortunately, cannot accommodate any service animals or emotional support animals. Although U.S. hotels/properties are required by law to allow service dogs to accompany their handler anywhere the handler is allowed to go inside the establishment per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Captain Don's Habitat of course does not fall under U.S. law and jurisdiction. We welcome everyone into our doors, and as much as we value those who need their pets for emotional support, our property is not equipped for such amenities at this very time. Thank you for understanding!

  • What is your Check in and out policy? Do you do late checkouts?

Check in is at 3:00 pm and check-out at 11:00 am. If you have an airport shuttle service included, please point this out to our Front Desk agent so they can coordinate this accordingly. For a late checkout request, you can contact our Front Desk agency for

availability A US$ 40.00 will be applicable up to 3:00pm and US$ 70.00 till 6:00pm.

  • What is your checkout procedure?

It is required to be there at least 3 hours before departure time. - Please check and sign off your dive lists at the Dive shop one day before your departure day as of 1 pm. - Setting of your outstading balance must be done on the evening before your leave between 6 and 9pm. - Keys and Beach towels must be returned to the reception. Please turn off the AC and lock the doors. - Checkout is at 11:00 AM.

  • Do you have rules about smoking?

Please note that smoking in our guest rooms is strictly prohibited; therefore, we have to charge a cleaning fee of US$250 if violation of this rule has been determined.

  • Do you offer Yoga Lessons on your resort?

Join Marieke for a gentle Sunrise Yoga session, accessible to everybody from 06:00-07:00 AM at the pool. The costs are US$20 per person, payable to Marieke, before the class. Bring your own towel. Yoga mats are available.  You can sign up at the Front Desk, or send a whatsapp to: +599 7842379.

  • Is it possible to limit housekeeping visits?

If you wish for us to limit visit (housekeeping service) to your room during your stay. Just inform the front desk and we'll handle as instructed. Help us save our planet: Towels hangin means "I will use it again", towels on the floor means, "replace it". At check in you will receive a complimentaty cofee, Tea & Sugar packet. Please not that this is handled on the first day only to get you started.

  • What are Rum Runners Opening Times?

The Restaurant will open for breakfast from 7 am to 10 am, with the exception of Sunday, breakfast concludes at 10:30 am. Lunch from 11:30 am to 04:00 pm and dinner starting from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm. The Cocktail bar ill open daily starting at 4 pm. Please note that reservation are MANDATORY for dinner. This to ensure all our hotel guests a seating during busy seasons.

  • When is the Front Desk/Reception accessible?

Our reception is open from 7 am to 11 pm. After 11 pm, our Security Agents will take over. Dial "0" to reach the reception. You can also reach us via Whatsapp: +599 7014710. Please add this to your contacts and feel free to text us.

For emergencies after 11 pm, rather call extension 106 instead of texting. Also, make sure you state your room number in the text.

  • How do I dial to another room?

If you are dialling a 2-digit room number, please put 40 in front of the room number. If you are dialing a 3-digit room number, please put 1 in front of the room number. For 4 digit room numbers, just dial the 4 digits.

  • Can i Download the Liability Release or Registration Forms on your website?

Absolutely. Here's the liability Release form and the Registration form. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to send an email to frontdesk@habitatbonaire.com or call us at +599 7178290.

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