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Top 5 Places to Visit While in Bonaire

Klein Bonaire

Photos from Instagram by @843aerial, @andytroyphoto

Why visit one bonaire when you can visit two? Klein Bonaire is only a short boat trip away and paradise is its twinning synonym. Nothing compares to its clear, blue waters and hot, shimmering sun; it's a journey that'll leave you with good times and tan lines! You asked for heaven and we led you to Klein Bonaire!

Scuba Diving at Salt Pier

Photos from Instagram by @henkgea, @reefrenewalbonaire, @bethwatsonimages

The island of Bonaire is well known for its extensive selection of breathtaking reefs, along with its sites perfectly fit for an all-inclusive diving experience. Starting this stunning journey from the west coast, the reefs begin at a safe depth of about 5 meters, perfectly convenient for beginners. Get prepared to be conquered by pure bliss right before your unforgettable underwater adventure!

The Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary

Photos from Instagram by @sunbeltbonaire, @argenel, Carl Henderson

As Bonaire is very protective of its wildlife and preservation, its Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary is one of only four areas in the world in which flamingos are able to naturally breed. The pink salt lake inhabits its rosy color from the copious quantities of brine shrimp populating its body of water. Additionally, the sanctuary is a comforting home to more than ten thousand flamingos; entrance not being allowed for the sake of the birds' protection. It is a mesmerizing sight that the eye can’t handle!

The Butterfly Garden

If you're recovering from a sunburn and just need a place to relax while still discovering Bonaire, this is the spot for you! Breeze over the marvelous butterfly species encountered in and around the Caribbean. Your entertaining guide, Georgie Rigault, would be more than glad to answer any wandering questions as he shows you each butterfly collection. In addition, don't forget to enjoy a relaxing meal at the KishiKishi Café before exiting the Butterfly Garden for tasty, traditional meals!

The Salt Pyramids

Photos from Instagram by @iriszz1, @tonilopez29, @sandraa.vdh

Want to see snow while on the hot island of Bonaire? Then we suggest you visit the salt pyramids! For numerous centuries, Bonaire has been the prime salt exporter across the Caribbean; it exports a high quantity of 400,000 tonnes per year. While at the site, you will be surrounded by colossal mounts that act as the face of our island. This location is not only a tremendous factor for capturing admirable moments, but it also cleanses the soul and creates a euphoric vibe.



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