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5 Things You Should Pack on Your Bonaire Vacation

Summer Clothes & Comfortable Shoes

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As most of Bonaire's activities take place outdoors, you'll constantly be kissed by the sun! Therefore, fresh clothes would be a great fit to fight the yearlong summer heat. Allow your body to breathe and enjoy its vacation. In addition, comfortable shoes should be the first thing you pack to your Bonaire journey! While on the island, there will be lots of walking and hiking; thus why not do it adequately! Care for your body so it can return the favor!

Swimming Suit or Swimming Trunks

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As Bonaire is a minuscule island, most of its outdoor activities consist of being in the water. Some activities are swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Likewise, a long-sleeved rash guard may also be advised against the hot, shimmering sun. Bring along more than one swimming outfit for the sake of pictures, style, and variation. The more the merrier! Think of Bonaire as Mexico combined with Puerto Rico, topped with a hint of diving, fun, and cocktails.

Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent

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Bonaire is primarily known for its alluring sun and magnificent beaches. However, one must never underestimate the sun's burning desire. To protect your skin against sunburn and skin rash, sunscreen must become your new best friend! Furthermore, as the island is perfectly surrounded by water, guaranteed protection facing mosquitos must be put into exceptionable consideration. To prevent any undesired events, packing mosquito repellent would do you good! Nothing can ruin your vacation any longer!

Camera & Underwater Camera

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Your tan lines will fade but your memories won't! Bring along a waterproof camera to capture your beautiful and unforgettable journey. Bonaire is the Caribbean's hidden gem, filled with healthy, stunning coral reefs and clear blue beaches. A go-pro would be the perfect fit to make your present moments last a lifetime. Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second!

Any Items That You Are Particularly Attached To

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To experience a remarkable vacation, don’t forget to pack any personal items that you are particularly attached to. This may include a specific face wash, any OTC medicine, a definite hair cream, and/or etc. Our island is small and therefore has a very limited selection of items. Let your stay at Bonaire feel like home; the quality of life lies in your hands!



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