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Bonaire is the go-to destination for kiteboarding enthusiasts of all levels. Located at Atlantis Beach, it offers pristine conditions and consistent trade winds, making it an ideal spot for kiteboarding. Beginners can take advantage of personalized lessons from experienced instructors, ensuring a safe and fun introduction to the sport. For advanced riders, the center provides ample opportunities to hone skills and enjoy the thrill of kiteboarding in one of the Caribbean's best locations.


Ready for you to enjoy Bonaire's finest waters

Kiteboarding Bonaire offers a range of packages to suit every need. From introductory lessons to advanced courses, each package is designed to provide a thorough and enjoyable learning experience. The center also offers equipment rentals for those who prefer to ride independently. Their professional instructors use the latest teaching methods and safety protocols, ensuring all students receive top-quality instruction. With flexible scheduling and personalized attention.

Comprehensive packages

Kiteboarding Bonaire offers the following

packages with us:


Independent Rider (3 lessons of 3 hours)
$950.- (2 people)
Get 5% Off with code: CAPTAINSEMI


Independent Plus (5 lessons)
$1600.- (2 people)
Get 5% Off with code: CAPTAINPLUS

You have any specific requests? Check them out on the link below.

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