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At Frans paradise, we’re all about making sure everyone feels at home, whether you’re a total newbie or a pro looking to up your game. Our awesome instructors, who are chill, super-friendly, and can speak multiple languages, are here to give you the lowdown in small group sessions or one-on-one private lessons that follow the top-notch teaching vibes. Check out the details on our bellow sections and the buzzworthy new wingfoil lessons below, and hit us up to kickstart your Bonaire adventure!

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Lessons for all levels

The center offers various lessons for all skill levels, including beginner, group, private, intermediate, advanced, and kids’ lessons in windsurfing and wing foiling. Additionally, there are special lessons for toddlers. The instructors are multilingual and provide personalized attention. Frans Paradise promotes a friendly, inclusive environment, ensuring fun and safety for all participants.

Frans Paradise Vision

Frans Paradise envisions fostering a welcoming, family-oriented atmosphere where people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy windsurfing and wing foiling. They aim to provide high-quality, personalized instruction in a safe and fun environment, promoting the joys of these water sports while emphasizing inclusivity, community, and a deep connection to the beautiful surroundings of Sorobon Beach, Bonaire.

Click on the Button below to start a Whatsapp Conversation with Frans Paradise. All guests from Captain Don's Habitat get an exclusive 5% discount.

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