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Cave Tours Bonaire offers an adventurous and educational exploration of Bonaire's unique underground world. This leading cave tour company provides guided tours that allow participants to walk, crawl, swim, and hike through the island’s stunning cave formations. The tours are designed for visitors with a sense of adventure and a reasonable level of fitness, ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience. With five years of expertise and training from the Caribbean Speleological Society, the guides prioritize safety and informative fun.


Diverse Tour Packages

Cave Tours Bonaire provides various tour packages to suit different interests. The standard Cave Tour, priced at $60 per person, includes visits to two caves: one dry cave with impressive formations and another where guests can snorkel in an underground lake. For a more extensive adventure, the Cave and LANDsail package combines the cave tour with an hour of land sailing with Landsailing Adventures, offered at $110 per person. These packages promise an unforgettable experience, blending natural beauty with exhilarating activities.

Booking and Additional Information

Tours are conducted primarily in English, but can also be arranged in Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Swiss-German upon request. To ensure a personalized and responsive experience, bookings and inquiries are managed via email or WhatsApp, as phone calls are challenging to answer during tours.

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