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Cadushy Distillery

The Cadushy Distillery, located in the heart of Rincon, Bonaire, is a unique attraction offering visitors a chance to experience the island's vibrant spirit through its distinctive liqueurs and spirits. Set in historical buildings with a beautiful garden, the distillery creates a picturesque setting for exploring the art of distillation. Guests can enjoy guided tours, learn about the production process, and sample products like the unique Cadushy of Bonaire Liqueur and the award-winning Rum Rincon.


A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The distillery is dedicated to producing authentic, high-quality products in small batches, using traditional flavors and sustainable practices. Master distiller Eric Gietman and his team craft a variety of liqueurs that celebrate the Dutch Caribbean islands, emphasizing social responsibility and supporting the local community. A portion of their sales contributes to the Bonaire Heritage Foundation, promoting cultural heritage and economic growth in Rincon.

The Cadushy Experience

Visitors to the Cadushy Distillery can immerse themselves in the true spirit of Bonaire through informative tours and tastings. The passionate team at the distillery offers insights into the distillation process and the creation of their unique products. The experience is enhanced with exclusive souvenirs and the opportunity to enjoy delicious cocktails made from Cadushy’s diverse range of spirits. This all-inclusive visit ensures a memorable and enriching experience for all guests.

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