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The Expansion Plan of Captain Don's Habitat 2020 (Bonaire)

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we announce the expansion of Captain Don’s Habitat. First of all, a BIG thank you, to all our stakeholders especially our wholesalers and travel agents who have been working with us, and have become part of the Captain Don’s Habitat family.

We would not be able to do it without you! Thank you, more than I have words, Thank you, for your endless support to “the home of diving freedom”. Many of you and your guests have been visiting Habitat for years "some decades", and know that Habitat's history goes back more than 46 years. The first rooms were built in 1968 by Dr. Hart and managed by Captain Dons in 1976.

Captain Don’s Habitat was the first dive resort on Bonaire and the founder of diving tourism on Bonaire. The island has since grown tremendously. Given this growth and plans by the government to make Bonaire the first blue destination, made possible by Captain Don as co-founder of the marine park, management decided to realize it’s expansion plans. Meaning that Habitat will say goodbye to the eight cottages shown in the drawing above within the red lines.

Habitat welcomes six brand new luxurious blocks consisting out of 42 accommodations divided into rooms similar to ocean view rooms, also 1, 2, and a 3-bedroom unit. The new rooms will be located in a beautiful garden, a true oasis of peace and relaxation, equipped with a luxurious swimming pool.

In addition to the decision to expand the rooms, it has also been decided to expand the heart and soul of Habitat; Our dive operations. Habitat will invest in two new high volume nitrox systems, a completely new fill station, and an automated self-service drive-through station to be of the unique concept of diving freedom.

Habitat will also purchase a new boat making it possible to offer even more boat dive packages, for example, our two-tank boat dive, which we already started offering. We will not be saying goodbye to the cottages entirely. Habitat has decided to maintain our precious, nostalgic recently completed renovated cottage (#1027) as shown on the drawing in our rental pool.

(during the expansion this unit will not be rented) This will continue to exist for the nostalgic guests, which visit Habitat not only to create new memories but also to relive those beautiful memories and adventurous dives of the past with the Captain. For the ones who have visited Habitat lately, it's clearly visible that in recent years Habitat has already made many investments in the property.

Think of a completely renovated dock, a beautifully renovated bar & restaurant, and our boats are as good as new after a thorough facelift. In memory of Captain Don, Habitat wants to continue Don's vision to create a resort that is as environmentally friendly as possible. For further future plans, as Habitat would like to move to a second phase, that will contain for example; water boilers on solar energy, a covered parking space with solar panels, and the application of the most economical utilities.

Habitat will of course inform you about this in detail when we are ready for the second phase. Habitat cannot wait to welcome you to our beautiful new haven of peace & relaxation and making those unforgettable dives.


Claire A. Sealy

Managing Director



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