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Captain Don’s Habitat Gets Recognized by The Bonaire Blue Destination Certification Program

Our resort is proud to announce that we are the first of our kind to receive this recognition

On June 8, 2018, in celebration of World Ocean Day, Bonaire proudly announces the development of a multifaceted public-private partnership program that will officially establish Bonaire as the first Blue Destination. In committing to and adapting the sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being, jobs, and the ocean ecosystem’s health, Bonaire will be the World’s First Blue Destination. Bonaire will position itself as a progressive island in terms of synergizing people and nature. This will increase Bonaire’s competitive position and secure its position as a leader in the preservation of its assets.

Captain Don’s Habitat announces that they recently obtained the 3 star Bonaire Blue Destination Certification. This is the highest level of recognition of the Bonaire Blue Destination Program. At this moment Captain Don’s Habitat is the only Big Resort on Island with a 3-star certification. This shows the ongoing support of Don’s mission as an environmental activist, to protect Bonaire’s nature and especially its ocean ecosystem.

You can browse the performance scorecard of Captain Don's Habitat in full detail using this link. The resort was judged on the following criteria: Purchasing and sales, social well-being & local employment, prevention of exploitation, healthy & safety, accessibility, energy & climate, waste, water, prevention of pollution & nuisance, nature, scenery & green zones, cultural heritage, and finally, public reporting of sustainability.



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