Captain Don's Habitat – Bonaire

Can I charge my bar and restaurant bill to the room?

It is possible to charge your food and drinks to a bar account, but you have to open up a separate account at the restaurant. Just go there with your credit card and fill in the papers, and pay everything at the end of your stay in the restaurant. Off[…]

My spouse or traveling partner does not dive, will he/she be bored?

As the old saying goes, “To each his/her own”, applies in this case. The island has numerous activities other than diving to offer. Island Tours, kayaking in the mangroves, ocean kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, bird watching, shopping, mountain biking, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, tour of Washington-Slagbaai National Park and Museum[…]

What is Captain Don’s Habitat policy on flying after diving?

Captain Don’s Habitat policy is the same as the Island Policy…we recommend a minimum 24 hour surface interval prior to flying and mandate a minimum 12 hour surface interval. However, at no time will you be allowed to dive on the same calendar day that you fly.

Can I dive the same day that I arrive?

Diving is not included on the day of arrival in any of our pre-paid package plans, however you may check with the Dive Shop and if they have staff available to conduct your orientation, it may be possible to dive on the day of arrival as long as you arrive[…]