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Captain Don’s Habitat

Founded in 1976, by renowned underwater environmentalist Captain Don Stewart,Captain Don’s Habitat has been in the forefront of environmentally sound developments on the island of Bonaire.  His vision is also reflected in the design of the resort. From the low impact construction methods, to the use of solar water heaters and energy saving devices, as well as a state of the art waste-water treatment system, every detail has been designed to have the least possible impact on the local environment.  The rooms and facilities are nestled in lush landscaping carefully designed to eliminate harmful runoff into the fragile marine Eco-system thriving right in front of Captain Don’s Habitat. Walking through the resort, one can truly appreciate a broad spectrum of the flora and fauna of Bonaire.  Iguanas, lizards, over 50 species of birds, and a wide variety of indigenous and imported species of plants and trees, create the perfect balance between world class accommodations and nature. Captain Don’s Habitat’s advanced waste water treatment system provides all the necessary water to maintain the landscaping.  This state of the art treatment system utilizes the latest in anaerobic bacterial cultures to turn both black and grey water back to 80% purity.  The lush landscaping takes care of the remaining nutrients.  At Captain Don’s Habitat we’re very proud of our environmental legacy and we continue to play a very active role by assisting environmental groups and the local government in ensuring sound conservation policies and the sustainable management of Bonaire’s natural resources.

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