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Certification Courses

All rates are inclusive of service charge and applicable taxes.

Course Information Price
Discover Scuba Diving/Bubblemaker (Resort Course) Includes All Equipment & Instruction 1/2 Day-1 Dive $76.00
Scuba Tune-Up (Refresher) 1/2 Day-1 Dive $76.00
Open Water Scuba Diver Course
SDI or PADI price is all-inclusive
4 Days-4 Dives $374.00
SDI On-Line Open Water Course – includes all equipment and dive computer * 2 Days-confined and open water dives $299.00
CPROX and/or CPROX1ST 1/2 – 1 Day $89.00
PADI, SDI & Universal Referral Open-Water Course Includes Tanks for Certification Dives 2 Days-4 Dives $249.00
Advanced Certification Includes instruction only – Must have or rent dive computer 2 Days-5 Dives $249.00
SDI On-Line Advanced Open Water Course – tanks for shore diving, must have or rent dive computer 2 Days-5 Dives $249.00
Rescue Diver Includes instruction-Must have current CPROX or CPROX1ST certification 3-4 Days $374.00
SDI On-Line Rescue Course – all required water sessions, tanks included – must have current EFR, CPROX or CPROX1ST certification 2 Days $249.00
Divemaster – Instruction Only, (on request only, subject to availability) 8 Days $748.00

Specialty Courses

Course Price Course Price
Boat Diver $121.00 Deep Diver (incl 2 training dives) $121.00
Equipment Specialist $121.00 Underwater Navigation $121.00
Search & Recovery Diver (incl 2 training dives) $121.00 Wreck Diver $121.00
Shore/Beach Diver (incl 2 training dives) $121.00 Research Diver $121.00
Multi-level Diver (incl 2 training dives) $81.00 Coral Reef Diver $121.00
Advanced Buoyancy (incl 2 training dives) $121.00 Drift Diver $121.00
Computer Diver (incl 2 training dives) $121.00 Marine Ecosystems Awareness $121.00
MSDI E-Learning Deep Diver Specialty* (incl 2 training dives) $121.00 Night-Limited Visibility Diver (incl 2 training dives) $121.00
PADI Enriched Air Diver $141.00 SDI E-Learn Wreck Diver* (incl 2 training dives) $121.00
SDI On-Line Enriched Air Diver Course* – and FREE non limit nitrox upgrade for 6 days


*NOTE – The advantage of SDI On-Line Courses is that you do not have to spend valuable vacation/holiday time in the classroom.  To obtain your E-learning code contact  or book with your travel agent. Do not pay online, this in order to be able to receive the Unl. Nitrox use special and $ 60 saving.


All prices and rates listed are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice.